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Subject: 2007 Highlights. Dear Rakhee Devi Singh ji,

As 2007 draws to a close we would like to tell you what we have been able to achieve this year. The generous donation of the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation and other well wisher made many things possible.

The Rescue and Revival Mission is supporting 50 families whose breadwinners committed suicide, multiple suicides in the same family in some cases. Each family receives a monthly assistance of Rs 1000. School-going children of these families number 186 and we are meeting all their educational expenses.

Earlier this month we gave warm clothing to the affected families in five villages. This was made possible by the kind donation of garment-exporter Harinder Singh.

Blankets for the needy families were donated in memory of late Aman Kaur Sidhu and her daughter Anahat by her husband’s family. Aman, my daughter, was initiator of the College and vocational Centers. Aman had adopted two families.

The large sum we received from Prof J.P.S. Oberoi went toward expanding the college and vocational centres for girls and towards purchase of a bus for the College.

Jasmer Singh Jaijee’s hefty contribution went into construction of 8 new classrooms and a boundary wall. Outdoor stage and canteen are under construction as required by the University.

Paul Blustein, a reporter from the Washington Post investigating Punjab’s rural suicides, spent two days at Chural and met many of the families and village residents. On returning to the USA he sent a substantial donation for school and Vocational Centers for the girls. This money has been spent on teaching materials, including a school computer.

College exam results were excellent again this year: Pass percentage for the two years was 94 percent and 93 per cent respectively.

On completion of Computer Vocational Course for girls, ten students received job offers of which two have already joined up.

Two American documentary film-makers, Manmeet Singh and his wife Harpreet Kaur, spent almost a month in Moonak Subdivision and lived with families there. They recorded interviews of many widows and orphans of suicide victims in Village Gurney Kalan. They were instrumental in getting substantial assistance for the families.

Meerat Kaur and her companion, researchers from UK, also spent sometime meeting with these families and researching their living conditions. They are happily married now and have also adopted a family.

Thanks to the generosity of Sardar B.S. Rangila of Sri Gururam Das ji Gurmat Sangeet Academy, the marriages of 13 daughters of suicide victims were performed on October 17 at Chural Kothi. This was a very large ceremony attended by family, friends and neighbours of the young couples. Each couple was presented with wedding dresses, a gold nose-pin, and 11 sets of clothes, kitchen utensils, furniture and bedding. A huge wedding feast was served. This event was greatly appreciated in the villages. One of the girls belonged to a Muslim family and her wedding was performed as per Muslim rites.

Apart from adopting families, the F.C. Sondhi Trust of Jalandhar has suggested that we start a corpus fund for which it will contribute.

The Rescue and Revival Mission has utilized almost its entire budget on these activities and is now trying to mobilize resources again and we intend to open a Corpus fund.

Many kind individuals came forward this year to adopt families and we are grateful to all of them.

With warm regards and fateh


Yours sincerely,


Inderjit Singh Jaijee, Chairman

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