Adopt a Family

There is often a romanticized notion of Punjab villages as affluent, the bread- baskets of Asia, with vibrant and healthy people. Reality looks quite different across Punjab’s villages today.

While Punjab was picked for its fertile promise by the harbingers of the “Green Revolution” in the 1960s, in the decades that have followed, unsustainable agrarian practices have deeply hurt small and marginal farmers. There is a farmer suicide epidemic in parts of Punjab. While male farmers overwhelming become the victims of suicide, women and children struggle to survive.

Adopt-A-Family is a project through which Saanjh supports the critical work of Baba Nanak Education Society (BNES, registered 80G(5)(vi) charity), a Punjabi non-profit known for its diligent, steadfast and passionate work in Punjabi villages.

True to the spirit of Guru Nanak, BNES has refused to accept destitution as the status quo and has challenged the current order by highlighting the plight of Punjab’s farmers and adopting family members of farmers who have committed suicide.

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