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‘Crop holiday’ in Andhra

Farmers in Andhra Pradesh’s rice belt have declared a “crop holiday” this season after they suffered losses despite a bumper crop last year. The growers’ loss varied from Rs Rs 2,200 to Rs 3,600 per acre. They have been forced … Continue reading

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Central relief a cruel joke on state farmers

Saturday, 09 August 2014 Sarbjit Dhaliwal Tribune News Service Chandigarh, August 8 Though the Central Government has announced relief for rain-deficit states, official sources say that Punjab’s farmers will gain little from it. The decision to award relief was made … Continue reading

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Adopt a Family

There is often a romanticized notion of Punjab villages as affluent, the bread- baskets of Asia, with vibrant and healthy people. Reality looks quite different across Punjab’s villages today. While Punjab was picked for its fertile promise by the harbingers … Continue reading

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Registration under Societies Registration Act

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Purchase a copy of the Book: DEBT AND DEATH IN RURAL INDIA

Critical Acclaim: Debt and Death in Rural India is a study of farmer suicides in rural Punjab from the mid-1980s up to 2008. Based on comprehensive original research work, it examines various factors ranging from central to state policies and … Continue reading

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Exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act

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Registration under FCRA

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BNES Brochure – 2018

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Members of BNES

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Rescue and Revival

INTRODUCTION: The Rescue & Revival Mission, which functions under the aegis of the Baba Nanak Educational Society, was founded by the late Mrs. Daljit Jaijee, IAS. It is a non-partisan organization, providing humanitarian assistance in rural Punjab to next of … Continue reading

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