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Film on agrarian crisis highlights women’s plight

Jangveer Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 8

A documentary film, ''Harvest of Grief'', capturing the agrarian crisis which has emerged in Punjab''s Sangrur district where a large number of farmers have committed suicide in the last two decades, struck an emotional chord during its screening at the Chandigarh Press Club.

The movie, directed by Anwar Jamal and sponsored by the Rescue and Revival Mission of social activist Inderjit Singh Jaijee, focuses on the women with nothing to take care of their children after their husbands committing suicide following indebtedness. It was formally released today by Punjab State Farmers Commission Chairman Dr GS Kalkat. Director Anwar Jamal said, “Our effort is to build a movement” in this regard. The film also tries to tell viewers how the crisis unfolded and what could be done for the forlorn families.

It has noted activist Vandana Shiva claiming that the agrarian crisis was a by-product of the green revolution. Dr Pramod Kumar of Institute of Development and Communication (IDC) claims that though Punjab has the least poverty levels, but among the Dalits levels were quite high in the state. He said similarly the social development index was poor and that there was no linkage between agriculture and industry.

Inderjit Jaijee, who is the main spirit behind the film, said there had been 40 to 80 suicides in most villages in Moonak and Lehra blocks in Sangrur. Jaijee advocated implementing a pension scheme to stop suicides as well as rejuvenate livelihoods of those who have lost their husbands.

Prof K Gopal Iyer claims debt has accumulated since the last 10 to 15 years as the pay back capacity of farmers has reduced. It also has the magistrate of Moonak claiming that not a single case of suicide was reported to him during the two years he served in the block. The film advocates giving land ownership titles to women, pensions to the widows, acknowledging the reasons for the suicides by the government.

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