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Harvard to study farmers’ suicides

Prabhjit Singh
Chandigarh, May 24

Harvard University

AMIDST ALARMING reports that around 3,000 farmers are committing suicide in the state every year, Harvard University of the US has identified Moonak and Lehra subdivisions in Sangrur district to initiate a study of such cases.

The issue was raised at the International Bridge Builders Conference at the university in April. The conference organised by the university''s John F. Kennedy School of Government invites grass-roots leaders from around the world to share their skills, successes and struggles in development and community.
Subsequently, the university''s Department of Public Policy assigned a thesis on the subject to be written by an Indian scholar, Mallika Sarkaria, who would be arriving here next month.

Harman Kaur Sharda, who was invited to give a presentation on her ongoing "Rescue and Revival Mission" in Moonak and Lehra Gagga at the conference, says: "They were shocked to know such a large number of food grain growers were committing suicide under intense financial constrains and the government was not coming up with any remedial measure."
Harman''s Rescue and Revival Mission is taking care of 71 destitute women and children of farmers who committed suicide under financial distress in Moonak and Lehra Gagga.

The mission, a unit of the Baba Nanak Education Society, had reported farmers'' suicides in alarming numbers, with over 1,582 suicides said to have taken place in just 91 villages a few years back. The basic research was done by Harman''s elder sister Aman Sidhu, who later died in an accident. Harman is now carrying on her sister''s work.

Source: Hindustan Times: Monday, May 25, 2009

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