Baba Nanak Educational Society (BNES) and its project, the Rescue and Revival Mission, began to take shape in Lehra Tehsil of Sangrur District in the mid-1990s. Two shadows hung over Punjab at that time:

  • Violence flowing from conflict: the Government of India and the State of Punjab on one side and proponents of Khalistan on the other.
  • The collapse of the Green Revolution, faltering from the end of the 1970s, worsening through the 1980s and full-blown by the 1990s

Declining returns from agriculture, lack of non-farm employment opportunities, occasional crop failure along with high consumption standards pushed farmers into debt. Unable to repay and unable to face the loss of their land, Increasing numbers of farmers committed suicide.

The founder of BNES, Inderjit Singh Jaijee, belongs to Village Chural Kalan of Lehra Tehsil. The village has been home to five generations of his ancestors. Chural Kalan was the nucleus around which the Baba Nanak Educational Society and Rescue and Revival began to grow.