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The Baba Nanak Educational Society monitors a cluster of 135 villages in the subdivisions of Lehra, Moonak, Sunam (District Sangrur) and Budhlada (District Mansa). According to the 2011 census, there are total 12,581 inhabited villages in Punjab.

Between Jan 1 and Dec 31, 2017, we have documented the suicides of 73 farmers and agricultural labourers from these villages. Panchayats of the victims’ villages affirm in legal affidavits that the victims were under heavy debt. There may be some cases that we have not learned of.

If 135 villages have recorded 73 victims then, assuming approximately the same rate of suicide from the entire state, the total number of victims from all villages of the state would be 6822.

The total number of villages in Punjab is 12,581

  • Villages in Punjab 12,581
  • BNES covers 135 villages

If 73 victims equal 1.07 per cent of victims from all villages, then 100 per cent of victims will equal 6822

Photographs of Suicide Victims

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