Rescue & Revival Project

Project initiator: Late Mrs. Daljit Jaijee, IAS, Manjit Hardev Singh

Moonak Subdivision has an extremely high rate of rural suicides and in many cases multiple suicides have taken place in the same family. Death of a breadwinner under heavy debt plunges an entire family into poverty and in particular it makes women vulnerable to exploitation. Sending children to an orphanage traumatizes both the children and the mother. A much better option is to enable the family – widow, children and aged parents – to stay together in supportive environment of the village. To achieve this aim, the Baba Nanak Educational Society runs the Rescue & Revival Project to provide education to children of suicide victims and subsistence to the family. The society also pays vocational training fees for girls. This is done in a very personal and individual way by bringing together donors and families in distress. The donor provides Rs.1300 per month; of this Rs 500 pays for education, Rs 500 is for food and Rs 300 is for BNES administrative costs. Donors are encouraged to meet ‘their’ families or correspond with the children. At present some 541 families are receiving support under this Project.

Donations for the Society

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